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We are part of the
Forest Planting Colaboration Center

A training experience to equip leaders, start churches and multiply movement.

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Play your way into a new way of thinking and behaving.
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The exchange between the two tree species was dynamic…and so, they forged their duality into oneness, making a forest.
Dr. Suzanne Simard
The Hidden Life of Trees
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Why we believe in Forest Planting

Jesus intentionally taught with parables and metaphors because He knew they could communicate truths in a way that brought people into an experience. 2000 years later we are still talking about those parables and applying them to life. Alan Hirsch writes, “Metaphors and stories not only speak to the mind; they capture the heart, mind, and will all at once.” (On the Verge) Because we operate in metaphorical thinking, the way we understand church and church planting is based around our metaphors. The metaphor of a business, a family, a body or a bride, help us understand the church through a certain lens. We believe there are powerful principles in a Forest metaphor that help the church recover her imagination, plant in healthier, sustainable ways and promote conversations that drive us to what God intended the church to be.
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We need to play with ideas

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Albert Einstein once said, "Play is the highest form of research." As leaders we have read countless books on church, leadership, church planting, team development and many more topics. We have been to hours and hours worth of conferences and sat under great leaders and teachers. All of this has given us more ideas than we could implement in a lifetime. You and your team need a safe place to play with those ideas and discuss with others so you can evaluate their effectiveness. The Forest Planting Simulation Game provides that safe place. It allows you to test concepts of reproduction, multiplication, collaboration without the consequences of failure or poor implementation.
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We need fresh ways to engage our teams

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What you will experience


Powerful, Results-based Conversations

It’s not all fun and games. The power of the Forest Planting Simulation lies in the debriefing that is designed to pull out your leanings from the game and focus your team to develop concrete actions steps for implementation. The debriefing is tailored to your objectives as a leader and what you determined are the needs of your team. These may include topics such as; collaboration with others, communication, determining our strengths and weaknesses, engaging new communities or people groups, breaking out of “silos”, casting and developing a bigger vision. Using a method of facilitation called, Results-based Conversations, we get your teams reflecting on and talking about the game experience and how those principles relate to their understanding of church planting and movement multiplication. With a well thought out design, our RbC facilitation of The Forest Planting Experience will support your team as they create a working model for implementing their vision.

Who we are?

Forester /ˈfɒrɪstə/ noun: a person in charge of a forest or skilled in planting, managing, or caring for trees.

We are Kingdom foresters. One day, as we talked about a dream for Poland and beyond, we realized we can do more together than we can individually.

Our motivation is

to care for the trees in God’s forest.

Whether those trees are individuals, churches, denominations or networks, we love seeing them planted, growing, cared for and multiplied. With many years of church planting, business and ministry experience we are passionate about helping God’s Kingdom Forest grow and creating an ecosystem in which collaboration happens for the benefit of our cities through the power of the gospel. We are passionate about God, focused on building His church and we are in Poland…on purpose.
Forester/Church Planter/Pastor/Missionary
Born and raised in the United States, Nate moved to Poland in 2011, with his wife Ola, to come alongside of Polish churches helping them plant, grow and multiply. Through ProEcclesia: Center for Church Development, he has worked to create a collaboration between churches in Warsaw to help train and equip church planters. In 2017, along with a team of eleven people, they started a new church in Warsaw, Wilanów Christian Fellowship, which he currently pastors. The church in Wilanów is creatively pushing the edge through a conversational model of church service and is passionate about seeing a spiritual movement that plants churches. Since 2011, Nate has been leading simulation games for businesses and organizations throughout Europe and as far as South America. As a game facilitator, consultant, trainer and coach he has worked with Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Siemens, Accenture Operations, Roche, and many other companies and organizations. He is a certified trainer in the Results-based Conversations approach to facilitation and uses that technique to bring the best out of teams. Nate has been married to his wife Ola since 2003 and they have four children, Filip, Tymek, Emilia and Mia. They live in Warsaw, Poland where Ola was born and grew up and look forward to sinking their roots deep into the Polish soil.
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Forester/Church Planter/Graphic Designer
Tytus was born and raised in Poland and grew up in the church. He has always been passionate about God and helping churches establish clear branding that reaches the community around them. He and his wife Sara became a part of the church planting team for the South Christian Fellowship and worked to help it grow into a healthy, church planting church. In 2017, they helped establish the launch team for the church plant in Wilanów. As a graphic designer, Tytus started his own company, 01Unit, in 2015. They have worked with clients all over the world including both businesses to churches to help them create brand identity and clarify their message. It is through his creative talent that The Forest Planting Simulation Game was designed and produced. Tytus and his wife Sara live in Warsaw, Poland along with their two sons Jeremi and Tobiasz.
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Forester/Church Leader/Game Designer
Igor has been a part of the evangelical churches in Poland his entire life. Born and raised in Warsaw, Igor has actively served as a leader in Poland’s largest evangelical church, North Christian Fellowship. His passion for God and his natural leadership ability has given him great influence in the spiritual lives of those around him. He was one of the initial leaders in the church planters collaboration in Warsaw and has a heart to see new churches planted throughout Warsaw and beyond. Since 2010, Igor has been designing serious games and in 2018 started his own serious game design company, IGGames. The games he has designed has been on three continents including, Europe, North America, and Australia, educating, helping and inspiring others to solve real-life problems. He has designed and created numerous games including the mechanics for The Forest Planting Simulation. In addition to game design, Igor is a game facilitator, trainer and coach, leading many businesses, non-profits and teams through countless game simulations. Igor lives just outside of Warsaw with his wife Ania and their two daughters, Laura and Nel.
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